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Gavrinis Cairn - 20090708 22708

Decorated slab inside the megalithic cairn on Gavrinis island, near Larmor-Baden, in the Morbihan Gulf, Brittany.


le 24-07-09 à 22:08

JM (site) a écrit :

This cairn is located on a preserved and uninhabited island called Gavrinis right in the middle of the Morbihan Gulf. It is reachable by boat from both the ports of Larmor-Baden and Port Navalo. Check www.gavrinis.info for details.

The name Gavrinis might be derived from the old Breton words Guerg ( work) and enez (island), suggesting that it was a cultivated island. The place is known for its megalithic monument that was erected circa 3,500 BC, when the island was still connected with the mainland. The cairn's chamber features a impressive internal decorations that make it one of the major treasuries of European stone age.

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